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Unique Content and Images

At CBFF we specialize in providing you with unique SEO content, complete with images for your blog or website.

Our content is engaging, intelligent and well researched by native, English speaking writers that are qualified to degree level. We do not use automated services or outsource work.

Keeping your blog or website updated with fresh, useful content is vital to the success and ranking of your site. We also realize that many new web start-ups require related content quickly, so we normally have a turnaround of 2 working days.

How Do I Begin?

Provide us a brief overview of the content you desire by requesting our short Article Project Form and we will provide the content – its that simple! Or simply call, email, twitter or send a carrier pigeon in our direction. We’ll work with you on your terms.

Once we know what you are looking for, one of our talented writers will research and create search engine optimized content that includes proper keyword placement and 5-7% keyword density. Your content is ready to cut and paste straight into your website.

We have two different Package Options for the Start-Up Blog or Website:

Option #1

The Simple Start-Up Package: $230 (Home Page & 5 Articles)

This web start up includes all the vital elements to get your site up and running.

  • Home Page or Static Page  ($50)
  • About Us or Company Profile Page  ($30)
  • 5  Articles or Posts to get your website started ($125)
  • 5  Images (one for each article or post) ($25)

Option #2

Content Only Premium Package: $300 (10 Articles)

Order your blog posts or articles in blocks of 10.
You can provide us with the topic and titles, or if you’d rather just provide the topic and our creative staff will come up with the 10 relevant, hard-hitting titles and posts.

Each article will include the following:

  • 10 Articles or Blog Posts 400-550 word count  ($25 per post)
  • Keyword density of 5-7%
  • Copyright free image ($5 each)
  • Guaranteed unique content
  • Quick turnaround time (10 articles in 4 days)

What are you waiting for? Order your content today.


Contact us: editor@customblogforfree.com


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