About Us (Me)

Are You a Business Professional?  Good, So am I. Maybe Just in a Bit of a Different Way…

In reality, we have a lot in common, you and I. You want your business to work, you want to learn this Business Blogging thing and how it can affect your bottom line. I want my business venture to work as well. That’s brings us both to a common goal. But sometimes you think it may be too much work. Maybe you have a booming or budding business and you have no clue how to fit a Blog Site into your 10 hour day. You’re already having a hard time getting everything done as it is now.

Well, unfortunately this is what starting a new business, or growing a successful one is all about. Learning new things, keeping your mind open to new and more efficient strategies and staying on the cutting edge of what’s going on in your industry. Any successful business leader will tell you that. If you want to make it, you have to put the time in. Believe me, I know… I’ve run several successful (and a few ‘not so successful’) home businesses over the past two decades.

I’ve done everything from guest speaking (I’ll never forget when I received my first check for that. I was only in my 20’s), to church leadership, fundraising, sales and on and on… Basically I’ve always wiggled my way into situations and was able to lend a hand wherever and to whoever needed me. I was the queen of, “I’ll fix it, I’ll do it and I’ll head up the entire project.” I have an A type personality to the tenth level and have always held a “survivor” mentality. Many of my accomplishments were made during the 9 years that I was the single mother of three very small children. Sounds braggy and glamorous I know, but it’s been anything but that through the years.

I turned 43 this year, and I can truly say that I’ve ‘come a long way baby.’  I scrapped my way from practical homelessness and a complete reliance on the state welfare system (yep, food stamps, government housing and furniture for my family that I acquired through years of garbage picking, dumpster diving and yard sales) to where I am now.

And for those who say there is no way out of complete poverty, that’s simply a pile of bunk. I remember my first job interview for a pretty spicy sales position. I didn’t own a suit and wanted to project myself as a powerful, self-confident winner. I paid over $100 for a Liz Claiborne, carefully tucking and pinning the sales tags where they wouldn’t be seen. I then showed up for my interview looking like a million bucks. No one knew I arrived in a light blue Ford Fairmont with a cracked windshield, no muffler and no air conditioning. I aced the interview and returned the suit for my money back later that day. Now I’m not suggesting you should do this–I suppose it’s a bit unethical, but the bottom line here is that if I can succeed, you can succeed, anyone can succeed! You just have to want it.

Through the years I’ve worked in television production, photography, writing and editing, sales, marketing, graphic design, journalism and have owned a successful daycare. Now, when I say that I worked in television production or any other field–I’m not pulling your leg. It’s not like I was the secretary to the station manager or anything. Nope, I ran the cameras, edited the weekly broadcasts, wrote the intros and outros as well as the product pitches. After a while I moved up to the position directly under the director and filled in for him when he went on vacation. This pattern repeated itself in every industry I worked in. I’d start out at the bottom and work my way up to the top. Do you want to know how I did it? Because I was overly eager and crazily zealous to learn every single thing about the industry I was currently involved in. I was reliable to a fault and took on more responsibility than anyone I knew. When asked to do something by a department head or co-worker, I NEVER said, “That’s not my job…” I did everything that was asked of me and more. I demanded excellence from myself and rose to the top EVERY SINGLE TIME. In fact, I’ve never applied for a job that I didn’t get….ever. Don’t sit there and tell yourself that there are just some people who get more breaks than others because that is just not true. Through the years I’ve had wonderful business mentors whom I’ve studied and learned from–and I have developed the following principles that have helped form the way that I approach business today:

Business Principles to Live By:

  • Before freaking out about anything, ask yourself if it will matter 5 years from now. ~ Jeff Sellers
  • If you are told to complete some sort of task, NEVER EVER under ANY circumstances come back and say that you couldn’t do it. Figure out a way to do it–teach yourself, think outside the box, look it up–but at all costs, don’t let the task beat you…always complete the task. ~ United States Marine Corps
  • If you are about to write, say or do anything that you could possibly regret, put it off for 24 hours. If you still want to do it after that, then go ahead. ~ Tim Gilligan
  • Do Everything with the Highest Degree of Excellence Possible.  Add Value to Every Life You Come in Contact With, Every Day.  ~ Robb Thompson
  • Don’t Live By Social Ethics. Live By True Ethics. Right is Right is Right ~ Andrew Wommack
  • Comparing Yourselves Among Yourselves is Not Wise. ~ The Bible (Anyone can find someone who does a crappier job then they do. That shouldn’t make you feel good about your work)
  • Let Another Man’s Lips Praise You, Not Your Own. ~ The Bible (If you truly do an awesome job, everyone will notice, trust me)
  • Timing is Everything ~ Pastor Tim Gilligan
  • What’s Your Motive? ~ Pastor Tim Gilligan

I’m sure there are more, but those are the ones I can think of offhand that I’ve made a serious part of my life.

Why am I telling you all this? Because number one, I’m trying to encourage you and push you toward success. It’s there…right around the corner, just go after it.

Like I said earlier, we share the same goals and I want to help you succeed. By helping you reach your goals, I will reach my own.

Call me, email me, twiiter me…whatever. Just don’t let another day go by without doing all that you can to fulfill your business goal.

Integrity… Excellence … Success … Let’s do it together.

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