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business blogThe word of the hour is blogs, blogs, blogs. Many are starting to realize the power that a business blog can bring to your business.

So, why does every business need a blog? First of all, search engines are in love with real blogs. By real blogs I mean blogs that are set-up and run by businesses that offer valuable, fresh content on them. Unfortunately, there are people of individuals who set up fake blogs and fill them with plagiarized, scraped, but keyword rich, content  in an effort to trick the search engines into ranking the content highly. With the time and effort these people put into setting up fake, useless blogs, they could actually offer legitimate services. These types of practices can actually get your blog banned by Google. It’s best to resist the urge to use these practices.

Why Do Search Engines Love Legitimate Blogs?

The more posts, the better. Content is king, and here’s why. Each blog entry is shown in chronological order on a blog’s homepage but, in reality, each blog entry is  its own web page, with its own unique URL and title. So, an active blogger can easily create hundreds of keyword rich web pages in a matter of months.

Change Is Good

In order to stake your claim in the online world, you must commit to making posts at least four or five times per week. This commitment means that you are creating, updating, and making changes to some portion of your website a few times each week. A typical small business website is lucky to receive an update several times each year. Search engines like change. That’s why they love blogs!

Wake Up Call

Because search engines love fresh content, they are ever ready to visit a site whenever it is updated. One feature unique to blogs is a wonderful thing called pinging. Basically, what you are doing is sending out a message to various blog directories to come and visit you site because it has been updated. Once a search engine has located your site, this is like a personal invitation to come back and get the new stuff. I use a plugin called Ping-O-Matic that sends pings to multiple services automatically.

RSS Directories Blogs also have a built in distribution method known as RSS. This allows you to push your updated content out to people who subscribe through an RSS reader. This ability allows you to communicate directly with subscribers but it can also help get your main site noticed and indexed by the major search engines. Yahoo, for example, allows people (including you) to subscribe to your blog’s RSS feed. On the day you create your blog, you can subscribe to it via a free MyYahoo account and Yahoo will visit and index your blog for free. It has no choice.

Linking is another key to blogging success. Getting links from other high quality blogs will send traffic and get your blog and web site noticed. You can do this by guest blogging on another site and including a link to your blog. You can also get links by posting valuable comments on top blogs that allow follow-backs. This means that the comment will include a link to your blog.

You can also set up an automatic stream that will carry your blog posts over to your FaceBook and LinkedIn accounts. And don’t forget to Twitter about your new blog posts. Twitter is an excellent way to get instant traffic.

So, your blog marketing strategy should look a little like this:

  • Set-up a blog and start posting.
  • Stream your posts into your FaceBook and LinkedIn.
  • Submit your blog to the major blog and RSS directories.
  • Start looking for link partners. Also, make useful comments on popular blogs that compliment your own business.
  • Repeat

In the last few weeks I have set-up blogs for a real estate agency in Orlando, a direct drilling company, and a natural health food website. In each case, the blogs were indexed and spidered by the major search engines within 48 hours. Traffic to the main web sites for these businesses has already doubled or tripled. Traffic from each of the major search engines is now showing up for a large number of important search terms and phrases. Who knows how long this blog traffic lightning will last? But at this moment a blog has never made more practical business sense.

If you’re convinced that you need a blog but don’t want to hassle with setting it up and learning how to promote it properly, check out the first post on the main page of this website. I do the work, you’re up and blogging and promoting your blog in a matter of days.

Here’s to your blogging success!

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