Eight Reasons You Need A Blog NOW!

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blogs_will_change_your_business1Yes, social marketing tools such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Youtube should have a strong place in your marketing arsenal–but without a blog, you really don’t have a highly functional and dedicated piece of web real estate to lead your potential clients to.

A blog is, by far, the most effective personal branding tool for the small business owner. Once set up, it’s easy to maintain and is the landing point that your friends and business acquaintances should be led to. Your blog should be the ‘destination’ point.

Top 8 reasons why your business needs a blog right now:

1. Personal Branding
Blogging affords an opportunity to present yourself in a very real and personal way to your potential and current clients. Use your blog to teach, offer tips, and give information on products and services. Blogs posts should be informative, engaging and always concerned with ‘giving’ to your reader.

2. Exposure Through Rankings
A well written and SEO blog, with proper meta-tags and keywords will push you up to the top of Google rankings faster than anything else can! I’ve been indexed on page one of Google in as little as 5 days.

3. Supplement Your Other Websites and Projects
Use your blog or blogs to leverage yourself in the industry by linking to and promoting your other projects and websites.

4. Learn Your Customer
Read and answer your comments, learn your customer and gain insights into their wants, needs and expectations of your industry, service or product.

5. Test New Ideas
So you woke up in the middle of the night with a killer new idea as an offshoot of your business? Cool! Test it out on your blog. It is an excellent platform to test those new ideas risk free!

6. Stand Out from the Crowd
Use your humor, sarcasm and unique ideas to make your blog and your business identity stand out from the crowd. Your blog represents YOU! Do you know why reality shows are so successful? Because people LOVE to see the ‘real’ side, the personal side of you. Injecting personality into your blog may just be the thing to win over potential clients.

7. Gain a Following
Readers who find your blog interesting and engaging will subscribe. This is exactly where you want to be! Subscriptions will provide you with an ongoing relationship with your readers. That’s even better than a hot email list! Readers are coming to you on purpose! As you gain a following it is vital that you keep supplying your readers with fresh content. If you become busy with other projects, or have an upcoming trip or vacation, hire a ‘ghost blogger’ to keep that content coming while you are away. Companies such as Writers-Elite have a team of writers who blog professionally on a variety of topics: beauty, real estate, tech, marketing, wealth management, green living, medical, careers and more. This is an affordable way to provide a constant flow of content.

8. Opportunities
As you develop your blogs, unexpected doors of opportunity will open to you. Partnerships, speaking engagements, guest radio spots, even news coverage. That’s what ‘going viral’ is all about.

These are the top 8 reasons to build a blog right now! If you contact Partnership Marketing at partnershipmktg@aol.com your blog can be built in as little as 24 hours….for FREE!

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