There’s No Place Like Home: How to Create a Home Page that Rocks

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a home page that rocksAlthough your home page may not be the initial entrance point for visitors to your website, it absolutely must be the page that tells the story of what your site is all about. If your home page leaves visitors confused or frustrated, they probably won’t return.

Revisit your home page often and try to look at it with fresh vision each time you read it. Your home page is what will make or break your website. Your home page is your money maker. Use the following questions to create a home page that rocks.

Where am I?
Does your reader know instantly and clearly whether they are in Kansas anymore?  Your visitors should know who you are and what your company does….immediately. Logo and tagline should clarify whether you offer a service, products, advice, etc.

What’s The Point?
If you spend a good deal of time online, you’ve seen the websites that make it pretty hard to pinpoint exactly what they do or who the heck they are. I guess the visitors are supposed to just ‘know.’

Can I see some I.D?
Are you professional and reliable or artsy and cutting-edge? Whatever you are projecting, use content, graphics and design to pull together one look or persona for you…and then stay consistent.

What Year am I in?
Does your website scream 1994? Here are some tell-tale signs….Cartoonish Clipart, Comic Sans font, the total “I did this myself” look. Site visitors are real people and if your site looks tacky and amateurish, you won’t be trusted.

We’re All Special
Not really… but if you are, clarify what makes you different, and the unique value you offer the site visitor. Give them a reason to at least bookmark your site.

Are you Just a Tease?
Like the cover of a racy magazine, your home page should entice new site visitors to want to check out additional pages. Just remember to deliver what your home page promises. If it looks amazing but offers nothing, you may as well have the website that screams 1994.

Content Overload – Just Gimme the Facts Jack
Most website visitors do not read through an entire page, but instead scan pertinent information. Provide them with plenty of visual cues: Clickable images, Videos, links, etc. Give text in bite-size, readible pieces or bullet points. And remember to leave sufficient white space on the page – clutter can be a major obstacle to website readability. No black backgrounds please.

Name, Rank and Serial Number
Does every element on your home page receive the same size and treatment? If so, you may be paralyzing your site visitors. Gently nudge the reader along from point to point by allowing different weights to the different elements on your home page.

Will You Still Love Me In the Morning?
Many site visitors have no clue who you are, and they always have options to go somewhere else. Therefore, it’s critical to convey a sense of trust. This can include a Better Business Bureau membership with prominently displayed logos, association and charity affiliation logos, client testimonials, a link to your privacy policy, etc. Let your client know that you won’t disappear after the sale is made.

Is there an Easy-to-Respond-to Call to Action?
Does your home page clarify what the site visitor is supposed to do next? Should they sign up for a tutorial, make a purchase or reservation or download a freebie? Let your visitor know what you want them to do and why they should do it.

Become a Mind Reader
Your site visitors are real people with valid issues and questions. If you can deliver a deeply satisfying experience through your site by targeting their biggest hurdle or by answering the questions they are afraid to ask, you’ve got it made.

Follow these tips for a killer home page that leaves your customer with that satisfied glow…

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